img_3075Summer with RAPP Peer Leaders

Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) Student Peer Leaders students from our Relationship Abuse Prevention Program had a super busy summer learning how to stop relationship abuse, volunteering at the Center’s shelters, and completing community service projects. As well as, spending time at our shelters, and partaking in community service projects throughout the city, students participated in fun events, like bowling, and kayaking on the Hudson. These peer leaders learn the power of opening up to their fellow students and learn to listen to each other. They will use what they learn during the summer to make an impact during the upcoming school year.

hailey-avilesRAPP Student Hailey Aviles Wins Essay Contest!

Hailey participated in the summer Relationship Abuse Prevention Program peer leadership program in Manhattan. She entered the Center’s end of summer writing contest, describing her time in the program and won two tickets to Six Flags great adventure! She describes how the program helped her overcome shyness and gave her more positive perspective on life. “What I will take away the most this summer is that I will always remember to stay true to myself and by sharing ones emotions and background will only help me grow as a person. I had a really great summer and can honestly say it was the best experience I have ever had.”