We are very excited to announce our partnership with Manhattan’s premier boxing, boot camp, and personal training gym – Work Train Fight! To kick off this newly found friendship, and celebrate DV Awareness Month, on October 3rd Work Train Fight will host the first of its charity classes with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the Center Against Domestic Violence (thank you thank you thank you!). The gym will offer regular series of monthly donation based boxing classes. Follow them here to get up-to-date notices!


Located in the heart of Manhattan, WTF is not only whipping local New Yorkers into shape, but fighting to eliminate partner violence and change the meaning of what a “tough” guy is.

WTF owner and founder, Alberto Ortiz, reached out to the Center because of his own exposure to domestic abuse growing up as a kid.  Drawing from his own experience, Alberto’s mission is to empower everyone who comes into the gym. He says, “Being “tough” is not about winning fights – being able to walk away from them shows the real strength.”

About Work Train Fight

WTF offers boxing and bootcampstyle classes (beginner to advanced) that incorporate a circuittraining method proven to give fast, albeit not easy, results (read: Work).

Classes are taught by trained fighters and fitness experts who promise—and deliver—killer workouts that emphasize correct form, as well as real boxing techniques.