Judith Kahan, CEO

The former NBA players of the Legends National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) made this a memorable holiday for families seeking safety at the Center Against Domestic Violence. President of the NYC Chapter Tom Hoover, and fellow member Nate Archibald visited our Women’s Survival Space, Women’s Safe Start and Women’s Second Start shelters to give gifts and spread cheer. Legends is a non-profit association whose members are retired pro-basketball players from the NBA, ABA, Harlem Globetrotters, and WNBA. It is their mission to assist former players in their transition from the playing court into life after the game, while positively impacting communities and youth through basketball.

The families in the Center’s shelters were in so much danger from domestic violence that they uprooted themselves and turned away from everything familiar in their lives. The holiday season is one of the toughest times of year to be away from home. The former basketball stars helped make this an exceptionally happy holiday season by signing autographs, and bringing lots of food and gifts for the children, including remote control toy trucks, board games, basketballs, footballs and coloring books.

As well as bringing the joy of the season to all three CADV shelters, these NBRPA members provided much needed positive male role model. Many of the children we shelter have known only violence and abuse at the hands of the men who were supposed to love and nurture them. The basketball Legends shared personal experiences and insights to a world outside of domestic violence. 6’9 star center Tom Hoover joked with the kids and told them how he used “basketball to get myself to college. It was my ticket to an education, and that’s something that will last for life. Sports eventually end, but it’s what’s up here (pointing to his head) that matters.”

We are so happy Mr. Hoover and Mr. Archibald are able to help organizations like ours throughout the holiday season. As Mr. Archibald said, “We keep doing this because – who else is going to do it? We are here to pass on the torch, but we need the younger generation to step up. If we stop, the only ones that lose out are these kids.”