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We are proud to participate as a 2016 TCS NYC Marathon Charity Partner!

Support our Team

Applications are being accepted now. Email us at to apply.

Why We Run

Runner logo This Marathon Team is raising funds for our teen Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP). RAPP is a teen dating violence prevention and intervention program serving 2,700 teens on 15 high school and intermediate school campuses in New York City.

“I was a very shy person growing up and when I started the RAPP program I realized that I had nothing to fear. I realized that my voice deserves to be heard. Since starting the program I have grown as an individuals and now I am not as quiet and I can speak for myself.”
RAPP Student

The CADV Marathon team fundraises to help NYC high school teens learn how to have healthy relationships. Together we can eliminate teen dating violence, bullying, and domestic violence in our communities.


Contact Danielle at or 718-254-9134.

Click here for more information about the Charity Partners program.