RAPP stood against sexual assault on the steps of City Hall on April 26 to usher in Denim Day 2011 when Councilmember Julissa Ferreras and Borough Presidents Marty Markowitz and Scott Stringer proclaimed April 27 to be New York City Denim Day.

Denim Day 2011 – Councilmember Julissa Ferreras, Borough Presidents Stringer and Markowitz and RAPP in front of City Hall

Denim Day is in international day of activism and awareness building to stop sexual assault that began in Italy in 1992, after a rape case was thrown out of court because the victim had been wearing tight jeans.

RAPP participants attended a community discussion at Manhattan Borough Hall to learn to become allies in gender-based violence prevention.  RAPP staff and students joined Safe Horizon at Brooklyn Borough Hall to host a poetry workshop and reading.


In-school activities gave RAPP leaders the chance to bring awareness about date and stranger rape to the students in their schools.  RAPP leaders and hundreds of student in their schools signed on to the Denim Day Pledge for Non- Violence.  RAPP leaders put up bulletin boards, and reached out to the young men and women in their schools to end rape.

The Denim Day Pledge

  • I pledge to use my strength to commit as best I can to become a non-violent person
  • That I will listen carefully to others, including those who disagree with me, and to consider their feelings and needs rather than insist on my own way
  • That I will respect individuals’ rights to choice
  • That I will make my community a place of equality and justice, and freedom from oppression and violence
  • That I will make non-violence a way of life in when dealing with people and use my voice to educate others
  • That I will recognize and accept the definition of consensual sexual activity and always wait for a “yes.”