Help save RAPP

March 8 marks the 99th International Women’s Day, with hundreds of International Women’s Day events, small and large, to celebrate women’s advancement and highlight the need for continued vigilance and action.

This Women’s Day I will testify at the New York City Council, fighting to save the Center Against Domestic Violence signature prevention program, Teen Relationship Abuse Prevention Program  – RAPP

The Center has been a pioneer developing school based services to prevent relationship abuse.  In the past decade we have helped countless teens escape dangerous situation and go on to help others avoid violent situation.  Through New York City’s Teen RAPP we are able to reach 30,000 students on fifteen high school and intermediate school campuses around the City.  Teen RAPP is the largest program of its kind, and in many ways the most intense.  Each campus has the full time attention of a master’s level social worker who teaches, counsels and organizes student, staff and parents to create a safe school.

Now, with the economic downturn and the City and State budget crunch, the funding for this valuable and life saving program is threatened.

This International Women’s Day I will be speaking out so that young men and women can make healthy life choices and grow up without the shadow of relationship abuse.  You can join me to ask that funding for this valuable program be restored by clicking here to let the Mayor know that preventing teen relationship abuse is important to you.