It is humbling when somebody who puts himself in the line of fire every day to ensure our freedom and safety thanks us.

Last week Enrique*, a young US Army corporal on leave from Iraq, visited one of the Center Against Domestic Violence’s (CADV-NY) shelters. He, his sisters and his mother fled from a violent home to the safety of Women’s Safe Start in 2002. Enrique came by to give us a generous monetary gift. He wanted to help the young children who live at the shelter, as he had been helped by CADV-NY. As the CEO of CADV-NY, I was humbled by this gesture. I hope that you will join Enrique in supporting our organization to transform lives every day.

We’ve seen so much in the news this year about domestic violence and teen dating violence. Our shelters are filled with young women fleeing dangerous, life-threatening situations. Families like Enrique’s family arrive daily, wanting CADV-NY to give them a new safe start.

Through education, prevention and intervention, CADV-NY works to eliminate violence in our communities. Our Relationship Abuse Prevention Programs (RAPP) in New York City schools teach tens of thousands of young people to form healthy relationships. And we are breaking new ground with programs for elementary school children.

Please join Enrique in supporting the work CADV-NY does to transform lives daily.

Best wishes for happy, healthy holidays

*Enrique’s name has been changed for anonymity