speak-outstand-upstop-dv-or-w-whiteDo you have a friend who…

  • insults his/her partner other in public?
  • acts really jealous if his/her boy/girlfriend talks to others?
  • checks in on the other constantly?
  • tries to decide what the other should do?
  • blows disagreements out of proportion?
  • threatens to break up?
  • loses his/her temper all the time?
  • breaks or hits things to intimidate?
  • blames his/her partner their own problems?

This is an abuser

Do you have a friend who…

  • constantly cancels plans for reasons that don’t sound true?
  • always worries about making his/her boy/girlfriend angry?
  • gives up things that are important?
  • shows signs of physical abuse, like bruises or cuts?
  • gets pressured into having sex or feels like a sex object?
  • has a boy/girlfriend who wants him/her to be available all the time?
  • has become isolated from friends or family?

This is a victim

Speak Up

Speak up when you see abuse. Don’t wait for it to get worse. And support your friend, even if he/she does not break up with the abuser. Let your friend know you are there and can help. Here is a Safety Plan you can share when your friend is ready.

Focus on Relationships

You can also help prevent relationship abuse by working to keep your own relationships healthy and avoiding language that makes it sound like relationship abuse is OK (like calling a t-shirt a “wife beater”).