You may be in an abusive relationship, or have abusive tendencies, if you can answer yes to any of the following statements.

If you are concerned that your relationship may be abusive, please reach out to your school counselor or call the Center at 718-439-1000.

My partner or I get serious very quickly, saying “I love you” very early.
My partner or I are extremely jealous.
My partner or I isolates the other from friends, family, and other supportive people.
My partner or I blame other people for behavior or problems.
My partner or I act hurt when we disagree or have a different opinion about things.
My partner or I have been violent with a boy/girlfriend in the past.
My partner or I have threatened violence.
My partner or I call each other names or put or put each other down.
My partner or I have sexist beliefs about what it means to be a man or a woman.
My partner or I hold each other against her/his will to keep him/her from walking away or leaving the room.