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Our children’s programs are designed to help young people overcome the effects of domestic abuse and grow up to have healthy relationships.

Just for Kids

Children’s Growing Place
Children’s Club House
The Rainbow Room

Each of our shelters has its own center that provides childcare and afterschool programs, which integrate learning, play, crafts and counseling to overcome the effects of domestic violence. The Center was the first organization to offer licensed day care and afterschool services in our shelters, including the award-winning Children’s Growing Place preschool program.

Summer Programs

Camp Excel
The Summer Academy
Rainbow Summer

These programs, offered during school vacations, provide opportunities for children to learn positive, nonviolent ways of interacting.

Children and Teen Support Groups

Our children and teen support groups follow age-appropriate Children’s Domestic Abuse Project (C-DAP) guidelines to help participants understand the causes of their families’ domestic violence.