bigFace3He forbid me to work. He took all my documents. He would not apply for my Green Card. When I became pregnant, it got worse. He beat me! When the baby came, he accused me that the baby was not his. He raped me. He kept me prisoner.

I always hoped things would get better. One day I saw a situation just like mine on a television novella. I realized the danger to my daughter and myself. We needed to leave as soon as we could.

The Center Against Domestic Violence helped me in so many ways. My case manager, Elena, who I met at the Criminal Justice Center, helped me file applications for Crime Victims Compensation and housing. I received my compensation check the same day I received my Section 8 Certificate and found an apartment! I was starting to live again.

I was still scared of Edward. At each court date, my body would tremble from fear when I had to see him. Elena came to Family Court with me when I felt helpless and hopeless, until I finally won child custody.

Elena helped me apply for a full scholarship to go to graduate school in education and the Department of Education accepted me as a Teaching Fellow.

Just having someone to talk to gave me the courage to go on. I am so grateful.