logoHealthy Relationships

Do you and your partner have a healthy relationship? Read the below statements to find out more and contact the Center to find out what you can do about teen relationship abuse.

Healthy relationships are with someone who:

  • is honest.
  • shares their feelings.
  • accepts you for who you are.
  • listens to what you have to say.
  • you like to spend time with.
  • respects you.
  • you can talk to about your feelings.

Healthy relationships are NOT with someone who:

  • always has to have his or her way.
  • with someone who is popular with a certain crowd.
  • with someone who tells you what to do.

Teen relationship FALSEhoods:

  • Teen relationship abuse is just arguing and fighting – not dangerous like adult domestic violence.
  • Teens often tell a parent or school counselor about dating violence.