I moved into the shelter with my mom, brother and baby sister in June because we wanted to be safe. I was scared when I came. I thought everyone would be mean to us. I was very afraid of not having any friends. I am shy so it is hard to talk to strangers.

When we arrived, I thought we were in the wrong place. The building did not look like a shelter to me. It was clean and we had our own apartment and kitchen too. I did not realize there were so many families like ours who needed to be safe.

I began to feel good when I joined the summer camp program. The counselors were so nice and made us feel special. Ms. Tyishia, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Erica and Ms. Diaz are people I will never forget. I never went to camp before and they made it the best summer of my life.

We went to places like Medieval Times and Great Adventure and Build a Bear. I had never been to so many places! I was so happy because my mom, brother and baby sister came on many trips. I met some nice friends and we even agreed to write to each other when we move.

At the end of summer, it was hard to say goodbye. I did not want the summer to be over. The counselors gave us a big party and gave us all gifts. Everyone cried and we took many pictures so we would always remember our summer together.

I never thought my experience at this shelter would make me so happy. Sometimes I even wish I did not have to leave because I have never been this happy before.