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Since then we have expanded to three full service shelters that provide sanctuary for 1000 victims of domestic abuse each year.

Three Safe Havens

Women’s Survival Space
Women’s Safe Start
Women’s Second Start

Our shelters provide lifesaving emergency housing for women and children who are fleeing abusive homes. Each family stays in their own apartment complete with full kitchen and bath, giving them the privacy they need to feel safe in a new environment. Our staff provides 24-hour assistance and security and supplies all basic living essentials, including linens, food, pots and pans and much more.

“I thought we were in the wrong place. The building did not look like a shelter to me. It was clean and we had our own apartment and kitchen too!” —Francesca, 9 years old

Shelter slideshow

View a slideshow of one of the shelters below. The shelter is an apartment building where each family has their own apartment. The slideshow features the communal areas, such as the foyer, garden and recreational rooms, along with the inside of one of the apartments.

Our Goals

At each of our shelters, we provide families with more than just housing. Before they leave, we aim to equip all residents with the tools they need to start a new life, including:

  • permanent housing
  • the ability to plan for their safety
  • the ability to access what help and services they will need in their new communities
  • the skills to identify and avoid abusive relationships in the future
  • an understanding of how living with abuse changed their lives

“I’ve been to the Center Against Domestic Violence and now I never have to go back to a batterer again.”  —Tonya

Watch a video about the shelters below.